Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Rejects

When the Nordstroms half-yearly sale started, I got to business right away. I looked over their catalog and picked out all the styles that I was interested in. I then sent the list out to all the SAs I could get my hands on and before I knew it, I was 3 shoes deep. I've been impatiently waiting for these last 3 to get to me but sadly, now that they're here, they've been sent straight to the reject pile. I'm not one of those shoppers who buy more than what they'll keep, take the goods home, play around with everything, and then return 75% of what they bought. I'm also not one of those shoppers who dreads returns. I buy what I like and what I honestly hope to keep. Although my bank account wouldn't be too happy with me for keeping all 3, if they were all TDF, I was prepared to keep all 3. However, these just dont work:

Chanel navy quilted flats:

There was honestly only one pair of these shoes in the system and lucky me, one of my SAs on the East Coast found them for me. I think he was probably more excited than me...HAH! I absolutely LOVE the color but these fit kinda tight. I walked around a bit in these and I could tell that they're one of those flats that'll hurt like hell to walk in.

Jimmy Choo Glennys in silver watersnake:

I'm REALLY upset that these shoes dont fit well. They're SUPER cute on but sadly, once zipped up, they cut off all circulation. I'm not one to cry and moan about pain from shoes but my feet turn bright red the minute I zip these up...not cute.

Gucci Iman:

This is one helluva shoe. My SAs all had a hard time finding these since they sold like hot cakes. My wonderful SA from the East Coast called me at 7am to excitedly tell me that one of his customers just cancelled her order so he put them with my other shoes. I'm sad about giving these up but 1. the ankle straps are too big for my ankles 2. They should be a half size smaller 3. I'm paranoid that the ankle straps make my legs look even stumpier than what they already are and 4. Where the hell am I going to wear these to?? I saw a pic of Beyonce wearing these at the airport. I guess I could wear these to the airport but who am I kidding, I'm no Beyonce. If I was fabulously wealthy, I would keep these just for the sake of having them but I'm not, so I have to exercise common sense; translation: dont spend money on things that you're never going to use!

The good news: my bank account can breath a sigh of relief and I dont have to deal with everyone giving me looks when I tell them I bought 11 pairs of shoes in less than a month.

The bad news: these would've been AWESOME additions to my closet :(

**UPDATE: Okay, I lie. I just walked around some more in the Chanel flats and they're not bad. Those are probably going to stay with me. The Glennys and Imans are still going though...sigh, truth be told, I'm tempted to keep the Imans...


Anonymous said...

Nothing that a bit of shoe-stretch spray, or even a professional stretching at the cobbler won't do :)

Lovely shoes.

ManoloChooLou said...

That's too bad about the Choos. Those are gorgeous.

I'd say, overall, you came out a winner with the sales. Wish I could have snagged seven new pairs of Louboutins, but I fear my creditors would come after me :)

Purse Addict said...

whensdinner: yea, I think it'll fit fine after I wear it a few times. Thanks!

Manolo: HAHAHA...yea my new shoes have forced be to be on a shopping ban until July :P

litlstrawberry said...

Hum..the Chanel flat do look "tight" w/ that kind of brim. But yah, if it will fit you find, please keep it. i love navy ....esp. patent leather too.

The jimmy chou wouldn't surprise me much but yah, I would say keep the iman. It looks so darn sexy.....:)

Irene said...

dude the imans are freaking amazing. holy crap.

Purse Addict said...

yea...sniff..i miss them but I would've had no where to wear them to! When i returned these shoes, the SAs at nordstrom went NUTS...they were trying to figure out if they wanted it for themselves, for their gfs, or for their clients.