Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dreams Do Come True

I haven't studied for my test tomorrow because 1. I stayed a bit later at work 2. I was stuck in traffic for almost 1.5 hours 3. I watched the Lakers lose (BOOOO!!) and 4. I'm so excited about my new shoes that I just HAD to blog about them :) Remember when I was in tears over the Louboutin Very Galaxy?? I had told myself that if I get any shoe this sale season, it would have to be the Very Galaxy. I also told myself that if they didn't go on sale, I would fork over the $1400 and pay for them in full. When sale season began, I emailed and called just about every SA in the US and asked them to alert me the minute the Very Galaxy goes on sale. Everyone came back with bad news; the VG was either sold out or not going on sale. I was in the process of accepting this unfortunate reality when ND mentioned that python Loubs were on sale at NAP. I went on NAP just to look at the sizes left for the python Decolletes (I knew I wouldn't be able to buy since they dont ship to CA) and GUESS WHAT NAP HAD ADDED TO THEIR SALE SECTION?!!?!?!!? Yep, my dreams had come true...the Very Galaxy on sale for 40% off. The 37 and 37.5 were sold out so I decided to take a chance with the 36.5...very good call since they turned out to be the last pair :) I was literally shaking with excitement and I think I was pretty much limited to "OMG, OMG, OMG" for the rest of that afternoon. After a week of nervous anticipation, lookit what the UPS guy dropped off today:

I always wondered why these were $1395 (NAP sells them for $100 more than every other place) but after carefully inspecting the shoes, it makes sense. All of the mirrored pieces are meticulously sewn together (click on the pictures for a close-up). The color is absolutely stunning and I CANT WAIT TO WEAR THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The 36.5 is snug but with a little bit of vaseline (see updated post abt stretching shoes out), my feet and I couldn't be happier.

Okay, time to cram like a mad woman.

PS: My 3 other pairs also arrived but I'll have to post about them later this week.


Leslie said...


jane said...

im so happy for u! and just wanna thank u for all ur advice and stuff. i'll email u asap when i get there. i know u're looking out for me^^ HUG

Purse Addict said...


Heather said...

i love them!! i'm so jealous, i wanted those so bad! congrats!!!!

Purse Addict said...

Thanks Heather! I was beating myself up for not getting them during the Shoe In sale but the shopping angels are always looking out for me :)