Friday, June 19, 2009

Oops, I Did It Again

Sorry for the cheesy title but seriously...OOPS!! Once again, I made the mistake of thinking I can walk around SCP without getting tempted. Its an automatic reflex, the minute I walk into SCP, out comes the cc.

These were on sale at Chanel and its been awhile since I've gotten sunglasses so I figured, why not? Hey, at least they weren't another pair of shoes (I was THIS close to getting some YSLs)!


litlstrawberry said...

It looks very cute on you, seriously.

So you must wait till this Sat. when Nordi. has its another 20% off already reduced designer shoes, clothes...... :)

Heather said...

those are cute!! i can never find any chanels that look good on my face. i like bigggg sunglasses. i wish i had an actual chanel boutique near me.

Purse Addict said...

Thanks girls :)

I like the shape of the frames and the fact that the lenses are super light. You can see my eyes clearly when I have these on...hopefully it'll still protect me from the sun!

hana said...

i love the way they kinda have a cat eye effect on you! do know know what the style/name is? thanks!

Irene said...


Purse Addict said...

hana: unfortunately, I threw away the tag :( Sorry!

Thanks irene :)